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Vintage Watch Place was born from my passion for watchmaking, instilled as a child between the walls of a small watchmaking workshop. Guided by my great uncle and by the countless hours I spent in that modest place, I learned to admire this trade lost between mainsprings, pendulums and pocket watches that stuck out of my hand.

After many broken watches and a few reprimands, he gave me my first mechanical watch, a local brand watch with pin lever pallet fork, who knowingly of its low quality, he gave it to me hopingpocketwatchmovements.jpg that it would be returned broken the next day. Well, I still keep it, even with its original crystal. After that watch many more came, and the tours through the jewelry stores watching at pieces that I couldn't buy became a search at fairs and antiques markets throughout Spain, including some international, to find the ideal piece, the perfect value for money.

My great fondness for watchmaking and the knowledge acquired, made possible my promotion in the company for which I worked in the design section, in which I had the opportunity to design a mechanical model with vintage inspiration, a dream come true. But, like many others, with the arrival of the crisis and after the closing of several sections of the company, I went to swell the unemployment list.

With the new free time, I decided to invest the hours in completing and renewing my training in micromechanics firsthand from Swiss and Spanish masters. But the expected work didn't come. Soon I was selling some pieces of my collection, replacing them quickly tools.jpgand selling again, without realizing I had started this business. The road has been long, starting in different marketplaces, until finally founding a company with its own store and a small but select team of professionals who love their work.

Our watch collection is constantly changing, incorporating new acquisitions from exhaustive searches to always offer unique and attractive timepieces at affordable prices. All of them are checked to guarantee their perfect working order and authenticity, pampered and groomed to provide a good performance.

Although the difficulty and the time invested in the process to be able to offer original, serviced and quality timepieces go largely unnoticed, but it cannot be overlooked. It is clear that this process has a cost, and therefore cannot be offered at the same price as an untouched piece, but this small difference compensates without any doubt against the uncertainty, dislikes and costs of subsequent services by qualified professionals, very difficult to find these days out of unreasonably expensive technical services.watcholdlloyd.jpg

At Vintage Watch Place we work to offer you the best selection of vintage watches at the best value for money, always backed by a certificate of authenticity and 12 months warranty, as well as a restoration service to bring back to life those watches with sentimental value that were forgotten until now.

Gift yourself or someone special a piece that differentiates him/ her and that will never lose its value.

Marcelo C.
Founder of Vintage Watch Place